February 16, 2017

This is a quick video about the steps I follow each time I start a new drawing.

I added some tips so you can understand better my main rules at every stage.

I hope you enjoy it!

Find more videos at my youtube channel: @SoniaMS

     Esto es un video rápido que hic...

January 21, 2017


How to make your own illustration/art book?

As I told you I'm publishing here the whole process of my artbook (ideas, work in progress, video tutorials, software, printing budgets, patreon and crowdfunding info etc.), so maybe I can help you to know wh...

November 11, 2016


Hello guys!

I'm currently working on a full color 60 pages comic-book for a private customer (30% done!) and it's been hard to made it compatible with all my life stuff... But now I have a very organized routine and I'm ready to work on new things!

Things I'm c...

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